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Received Text Messages
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Received 09/26/17 - 21:56 13025201XXX 您申请的手机验证码是: 065647 ,请输入后进行验证,谢谢 !
Received 09/26/17 - 21:56 14702530XXX UNITED S.O.A.: Like if you really need a gap year, take one. Just understand the risks.
Received 09/26/17 - 21:56 14702530XXX effects of a gap year. (2/2)
Received 09/26/17 - 21:55 14702530XXX UNITED S.O.A.: Also you know the feeling of dread and sloth you get when coming back to school after summer? Multiply that by about 8 and you have the (1/2)
Received 09/26/17 - 21:55 14702530XXX UNITED S.O.A.: I've been tempted by a gap year but the issue is unless you do something productive or good colleges don't like it.
Received 09/26/17 - 21:54 14702530XXX Siddhesh Raut: They said that once u strt earning money during gap yr it's hard to go back to education super focused
Received 09/26/17 - 21:53 14702530XXX considering waiting it one yr to let his sister finish Highschool but my grandparents were like hell no coz they knew gap yr is super risky (2/2)
Received 09/26/17 - 21:52 14702530XXX COMRADE ???: im joking here lol
Received 09/26/17 - 21:51 13025201XXX 您在百度请求的验证码是:135768
Received 09/26/17 - 21:51 14702530XXX COMRADE ???: big sad