How to receive a text message?

We provide a FREE service to receive text messages (SMS) online. It's useful if you want to protect your privacy by keeping your real phone number away from third parties or spammers.

Is it really free?


Just choose any number from myTrashMobile and use it for your own purposes.

How does it work?

  1. Pick up any free number we provide on myTrashMobile
  2. Enter the number in the service that's requesting a verification with a mobile phone
  3. Receive messages online which are sent to this number

Can I use the numbers from a different country?


You can choose an online number from any country. We create the numbers in an international format, so use it as you get it here.

Maybe you have to put a "+" or "00" in front of it. This depends on the service requesting the mobile number for a verification.

Can I get my own online number?


Go Pro and get your own unique mobile number. This online number will be just for you. You are able to receive texts (SMS) and even start real conversations. Please visit:


What about my privacy?

We are here to protect your privacy by keeping your real phone number private. You don't need to give us any information. All information will be sent coded via the secure HTTPS protocol (SSL, Secure Sockets Layer). That is the same technology that banks use to protect your data. So it's not possible for a third party to spy

Can I send spoof text messages, too?


We help to protect you and provide spoof text messages and even hide your caller ID or email. Please check out our other apps as well.